"Hypnotically original compositions" - fRoots Magazine (summer 2018)

 "A musically diverse, fresh and compelling set of songs [...] a fascinating debut from a distinctive new group" - Songlines Magazine (June 2018)

"Folk album of the year so far."  *****  Martin Townsend - Editor, Sunday Express (25 March 2018)

"Strong folk a-cappella singing - distinctively contemporary and earthy vocalising - haunting fiddle playing - timeless acoustic guitar picking - and classic rocking rhythms" 4/5 - Colin Bailey, R2 Magazine (print)

"A fabulous band" - Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire

"Bird in the Belly come to shake up folk music - and succeed." 8/10 - Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

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"Superb album, finely balanced voices and instruments create an effortlessly beautiful sound that just carries you away" - Marc Higgins, Northern Sky Magazine

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"Occasionally stark and raw both musicially and lyrically, they boldly go where few artists dare to tread." - Mike Ainscoe, Louder than War

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"if a better traditionally inspired folk record is released this year – I’d be amazed. This album is THAT good." - Artree Folk and Roots

"A fantastic band" - Readifolk Radio

Fans of the vocal folk tradition will love the opening minute of this track, a mournful a cappella duet. The rest of the track is sprightly folk of the British Isles–some Irish rhythms and some English melodic vibes power the (still-sad, but fast-sad, not slow-sad) song. - Independent Clauses

"Their songs are akin to being huddled around a campfire listening to gothic folklore" - "raw and visceral songs with a 60’s folk revival feel around them. A sound that straddles contemporary folk but with a charming and distinctive echo of more ancient times" - "We strongly recommend you catch them live" - Folk Radio UK

"the charming, engrossing lead female vocal performance will. And if that doesn’t prove it, they use the word “pantaloons.” The folk tune that supports these vocals is lithe and strong."  - Independent Clauses